Personal Stories

In my research, I sent out 5 packages to friends and family, each containing 12 batteries, a bracelet for holding the battery while it’s charging and individual notes and envelopes for explaining what was done to charge a particular battery and any special requests the user would like the recipient to do with the battery.Here are some stories and reactions to the project:

Janet Moore: The first thing that I did was try to talk with Paul about it. I explained the project and asked him if I were sick, how might he use the battery? He responded by saying that it is just not possible to charge a battery and that he would never, ever accept a battery from me. End of discussion. He refused to talk about it any further. I had the very same experience with Varina, who is far more articulate about her feelings. She would not accept the batteries when I broached the subject. And if I were on the receiving end of this gift, I might feel same way. I also thought about Chick, who got rid of all of his wife’s stuff the minute she died, not because he didn't love her, but because he did and he could not bear the pain of the seeing it every day. 

What was comforting about this was the fact that, although I was going away, parts of me would be left behind. And I remembered that when my mother was sick she was very motivated to give away all of her stuff. I think an idea like this might have been a comfort to her as it was to me.
Nick Anderson: I feel like I want to do something "big" while wearing the battery for the most important people in my life.  Here we are in the smack dab of really boring winter months (at least here in Wisconsin) where I have to work nearly every day.  So it is hard to get really excited about charging energy for someone while just going about my daily life.  I want to hike 100 miles or go sailing or finish a triathlon or travel abroad while wearing my bracelet to give the energy created a very special meaning,

Chrissy Viger: When I thought about how I wanted to use the bracelet and what kind of energy I wanted to feed into it a few things came to mind. My first thought was I would like to leave energy for my three year old daughter. My thoughts were that she would struggle the most over the years without me for a couple of reasons. One is simply because of her age there has not been a lot of time to experience or learn coping skills and second the mother to daughter bond is a strong one. Third as a mom, there is some comfort in knowing that you have set your child up at any age as best you could to help deal with the loss of a loved one. Having lost my mother/best friend myself I find that even at the age of thirty-four I still try to find ways to grasp onto things that remind me of her and make me feel as if I am still surrounded by her

With that being said, if my mom could have harnessed some of her energy for me, what kind of energy would I have wanted? First I would have wanted what I like to call “Mom Strength” What this means is that my mom had this amazing ability to dig her heels right in when the going got tough and she could pull herself and her loved ones through and rise even stronger than before. She could guard and shield her loved ones through tough times and situations while taking the brunt of the blows herself and you may not even be aware that all of this is taking place…. This kind of energy I could use in any tough situation.

My mom also had some very adventurous and fun energy. She loved to explore and travel and see new sites and taste new things. I can imagine as she traveled she would take in her surroundings enjoying every moment. She had a fond love for the sea and when she was at the beach I imagine her energyc onnecting with the sea and the salt and the salt water breezes almost becoming a part of it…. This kind of energy I would use when I would feel like I needed a little inner balance or inner peace in my life.