Dust Collector

The dust collector is a 10‘ tall physical manifestation of the need to fill the absence of a lost loved one with a story. It allows the user to be an active participant in that story, giving them a level of interaction that is missing with our current means of remembrance.

The dust collector, while it can be taken apart and is light enough to hold, is not the easiest device to handle. It’s large and cumbersome and it’s recommended that at least two people take turns in holding it while waiting for the dust of their loved one to arrive. Either the survivor or the deceased can choose when and where the survivor can take a pilgrimage to collect the dust. The dust collector is 1 part of a kit provided by in absentia to capture the dust. It comes apart into 4 pieces for easier traveling and contains detection software made specifically for locating the particular electromagnetic frequency that one’s dust emits.

Once captured, the user can do whatever they choose with the dust, unless left specific instructions from the deceased. For example, they can re-release it in another part of the world or hand it down from generation to generation.