In Absentia Dust-Tracking

In absentia dust-tracking sees dust as a marker of presence, rather than loss. A magical substance that represents the impossibility of disappearance. It takes a common ritual that we currently do when a loved one is cremated and adds a level of interaction, meaning and duration to it. It looks to nano-technology and weather patterns to keep us in touch with the journey of our loved one, that will be subjected to the many unpredictable elements of nature. The system allows up-to-date information on their whereabouts, if they’ve come into contact with another’s dust, the ability to receive postcards from their travels and most importantly, in absentia interpretum.

The interpretum serve as a sort of medium between the user and the dust. They are able interpret the meanings behind their travels, their forms, and their interactions.

For more information on how both the dust tracking and energy succession system works, please click through the booklet.

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In Absentia Energy Succession

In absentia energy succession takes one’s kinetic, or mechanical energy and converts it to electrical energy in the form of a battery that they can then leave with their loved ones before their passing. They can leave a form of themselves, their vibrance, the very energy that made them unique and created meaningful relationships. This system engages both the dying and their survivors and allows for an actual piece of life to be left on this earth after someone has passed. A far more substantial heirloom than what we are currently used to.

The system allows the user to take note of what they did to charge a particular battery and, if desired, leave instructions on what they would like the recipient to do with the energy.

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