Future Directions

This thesis process has been an extremely eye-opening one for me.
I’ve learned to dig deeply into one meaningful topic and have found a way to combine my love for humanism, technology, science fiction and design fiction.

Scenario planning
I plan to further explore the ways in which new and emerging technologies can be created with a more empathetic, humanistic purpose and how these technologies might play out in the future.

Design Research
I plan on implementing primary research at every opportunity I get, specifically within marginalized societies. I’m greatly interested in the “digital divide” that has separated the planet and how this can be better addressed.

After completing a long thesis process that often left me emotionally drained and at times feeling hopeless, I am eager to get back to the level of playfulness that can be seen in my earlier work. My goal is to find a balance between designing for circumstances I find to be meaningful and important and creating design work that delights the viewer. For we all need to smile.